What’s Up With Doxycycline? The price…

Yesterday, I went to pick up my doxycycline prescription at the local pharmacy and was taken aback when I was told my total was $165. About six months ago, I paid $70 for the same medication, so I wondered how it was possible for the price of a common tetracycline antibiotic to double in such a brief amount of time. At first, I thought the pharmacy had changed their inventory to carry the brand version (thus, more expensive) Vibramycin, but was informed that I was indeed being prescribed the generic doxycycline.

This article shed some light on the situation. While I have always supported (and shall continue to support) the free market, this issue exemplifies how certain pharmaceutical companies can take advantage of the liberty. So, one could argue that we need more government regulation, however, I don’t see Obamacare helping here at all…because wasn’t that supposed to make healthcare more affordable?

Check out the full “Doxycycline Debacle” article by Ken Alpern:



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