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Big Pharma Pays to Keep You Healthy

While a ~$175 Lipitor prescription appears to be expensive, the price seems more reasonable when you consider Pfizer spent over $1 billion in developing the cholesterol-reducing medication. Today, Lipitor sales (not taking generic Atorvastatin into consideration) are upwards of $125 billion since the FDA approved the drug in 1996. Put modestly, Lipitor was successful, but […]

What’s Up With Doxycycline? The price…

Yesterday, I went to pick up my doxycycline prescription at the local pharmacy and was taken aback when I was told my total was $165. About six months ago, I paid $70 for the same medication, so I wondered how it was possible for the price of a common tetracycline antibiotic to double in such […]

Using Human T-Cells to Fight Cancer

Inspiring article on the work Dr. Carl June and his colleagues are doing to treat leukemia at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center: The scientific publication from NCBI via

RNAi: The Basis Of My Research

RNA interference, or RNAi, is the process by which long double-stranded RNA (ldsRNA) that codes for a unique protein in an organism is physically incorporated into the genome of said organism. The immune system of the organism recognizes the newly incorporated, ¬†ldsRNA as an allegedly harmful entity that must be eliminated from the body. The […]

New Delta IND-MBJ Route

Delta Airlines is adding a new direct route that will run from Indianapolis to Montego Bay (and the return flight, of course) every Saturday starting December 21 at the end of this year. Interesting route, since neither IND nor MBJ are major focus cities for Delta. This is rather exciting for me, however, since I […]

Boeing 787-9 Unveiled

Today at their Seattle headquarters, Boeing rolled out their brand new 787-9. The aircraft is 20 feet longer, and has a range of over 300 miles further than the original 787-8 variant. Exciting day for the company! Check out the full article, courtesy of

Ethiopian Airlines 787 Fire: Public Confidence Still Strong

Last week at London’s Heathrow Airport, a small fire at the rear of an Ethiopian Airlines 787 caused significant damage to the interior of the aircraft. While authorities have confirmed that the cause was not due to the Lithium ion¬†batteries that Boeing installed earlier this year (thank goodness the repair was substantial), they are still […]